The dojo serves as a safe space to lean into your edges, liberate yourself from fear-based behavior patterns and activate your unique gifts while being held by a variety of master facilitators and celebrated in community.

The dojo is a dive into the unknown, a space of trust and co-creation where the emergent alchemy of the group dictates the flow of the experience.

You'll leave embodied in deeper trust and higher confidence as you receive the freedom that exists only on the other side of a lived trust fall.

All tools are on the table to facilitate the breakthroughs whether that be hot-seat coaching, sound healing, astrological activation, distance healing, dance, song, prayer, inner child work, play, meditation, live channeling, improvisation, etc …

Including the invitation to share YOUR OWN GIFTS if that’s what’s being called forward in the space.

WE are creating this experience of soul-level LIBERATION, together.


  • Your ego is currently making up excuses as to why you shouldn’t or can’t join
  • You’re ready to liberate yourself from the chains of the past
  • You feel you’re on the edge of the next level of your game and are ready to fully claim it
  • You’re an edge-pushing, all-in-Jedi who loves taking life to the next level


Courage – in the face of fear

Willingness – to be radically vulnerable and transparent

Playfulness – as we release inhibitions and stretch beyond our edges

Devotion – to go ALL IN physically emotionally and energetically in support of yourself and all those in the space

Confidentiality – a vow to keep all that occurs within the container 100% confidential

And of course, remember to bring that huge heart of yours!

Take a peek inside some recent
Liberation Dojo experiences...


What the Dojo participants have
to say about the transformation
that occurs inside

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“It dropped me to my knees. I'm just so grateful for Zahara for holding the space and allowing me the opportunity to be myself and transcend something that I have been carrying for the last 26 years.”


“Part of the power is actually in the group, in the community and in the space that Zahara holds for everyone and how it's not just focused on whoever is in the middle but there's actually a tremendous amount of power just being in that space and feeling everyone's emotions.”

-David and Aveyah

“Zahara created this beautiful container for people to share their gifts, to be vulnerable, to come out of the closet of smallness of being afraid of their talents. Everybody walked away from it like they could really take on the world.”


“I'm completely in awe of The Liberation Dojo. I truly feel like it is one of the most profound human technologies for collective empowerment. She's able to bring our most tender edges of growth and be witnessed and supported and transmute that from fear into freedom.”


"The most powerful in terms of breakthroughs was The Liberation Dojo with Zahara. I had never experienced something like this and it was amazing."

- Laurence Lefebvre

"I cannot even begin to describe how different I am today and how different my life is today. I have shifted my work, my career, the way that I treat my body, and the way that I express myself. I didn't know that it was possible to love at this depth."

-Erica Dean

Last night was so beyond anything I could imagine. I woke up this morning with the feeling of desiring to live, of being in love. And, this is rare for me. Yet, I know that what I was feeling this morning is TRUTH. It is my essence, blooming from the pleasure of meeting itself in the dojo. Thank you for being the Cosmic Catalyst that you are. My life is transforming into its butterfly state thanks to you.

Rafaelle Cohen

During the ceremony, I had the privilege of watching truly powerful women work. No questions needed - no hesitation. They knew exactly what to do and communication was done through heart space. It was like watching bees work in a hive; everyone knows what their job is, has just enough space to do it and everyone supports one another. There was a woman who asked to be seen. In seconds, these incredible women...

Julia Kristoff

I’ve always had this fear of being seen, received and held by a community and tribe. Last night, I was given an opportunity to dive head first into the unknown, called forward into liberation and witnessed by powerful queens to intentionally move past my edges. Calling forward all that I AM. I felt for the first time that I actually belonged. My heart literally cracked open in a way I’ve never felt as reflections of truth and love were showering me...

Raquel Barrantes

The Next Ceremony Begins

Private Residence, Topanga California

April 8th, 2024 from 5pm - 9pm

Dojo Schedule

March 9, 2024

Evision Festival

April 8, 2024

The Liberation Dojo in Topanga CA