a 3-month higher self-embodiment initiation

During this intimate group experience, 10 women will move through a series of initiations over the course of three months (the meeting, the ceremony & the expression) in order to take a quantum leap into their leading edge higher self-embodiment.

Can you feel her? She is calling you forward at this very moment.

The Ceremony Begins August 10th

Total Energetic Investment: $5,000 (Deposit of $1,000 confirms your spot)
Email me at zahara@zaharazimring.com or fill out the form below to get on the waitlist for the next container.
Extremely limited spots. we cap the container at 10 women. act now!

Experience the Essence of The Dojo Immersed


You sense there is a next level of service. Of love. Of resource. Of embodied living…
And you know its time to go ALL IN on receiving the higher frequency of the CONSCIOUSNESS THAT YOU ARE UNIQUELY HERE TO STEWARD in this lifetime.
Drop into the potency of that sentence.
Imagine the reality where with every breath, with every choice, with every bite, with every act of service.
The you that is free of fear. The you that is liberated from the old stories. The you that is limitless.

Well, that is our aim inside The Dojo Immersed Container!

Take a peek inside
The Dojo Immersed



What the Dojo participants have
to say about the transformation
that occurs inside

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“What I felt in her ability to sense where in the spiritual, emotional, physical body attention needed to be directed for healing to happen was impeccable. I've never seen or felt anything like it.”

-Naia Kete

"I cannot even begin to describe how different I am today and how different my life is today. I have shifted my work, my career, the way that I treat my body, and the way that I express myself. I didn't know that it was possible to love at this depth."

-Erica Dean

"Throughout every container that she has held me through, she has always seen who I was at my next edge before I could see myself. It wasn't about teaching us something to go through. It's about what is on the other side."

-Adeenah Hammer

"This container has given me more support than I've ever had throughout my lifetime. She taught me that as long as it takes, to be patient with myself and that's something that I'll carry through this lifetime and the next."

-April Rodriguez

"I had been able to access this pain that I've had with me for lifetimes and she touched it. And when she touched it, it hurt more but it was okay because I was held. I was held by her and the incredible women she attracts."

-Naia Kete

“The space that Zahara held in there for us, it was electric, and deep, and potent, and magical. I get to let this part of me that's been silenced for 25 years speak, and sing, and sob, and sweat. It was terrifying but also so liberating.”

-Devon Dennis

"I felt like I shifted more in the last few months than I have in years of my life. I can say without a doubt that Zahara is the most authentic channel I have ever been able to learn from. She is the frequency of authenticity, truth and spirit."


“What Zahara has given me is permission to not only trust her but trust myself in that. I've received a sisterhood I didn't know was possible and in that process, I've also been able to heal the way that I relate to women and to trust that I can be received by women who see me."

-Vicki Lau

"I have not done much work with mentors, teachers, or orgrop experiences. I had walked myself through a lot of fires and when Zahara jumped out at me through the ether, there was a soul recognition that I needed to be in her sphere."

-Naia Kete

Last night was so beyond anything I could imagine. I woke up this morning with the feeling of desiring to live, of being in love. And, this is rare for me. Yet, I know that what I was feeling this morning is TRUTH. It is my essence, blooming from the pleasure of meeting itself in the dojo. Thank you for being the Cosmic Catalyst that you are. My life is transforming into its butterfly state thanks to you.

Rafaelle Cohen

During the ceremony, I had the privilege of watching truly powerful women work. No questions needed - no hesitation. They knew exactly what to do and communication was done through heart space. It was like watching bees work in a hive; everyone knows what their job is, has just enough space to do it and everyone supports one another. There was a woman who asked to be seen. In seconds, these incredible women...

Julia Kristoff

I’ve always had this fear of being seen, received and held by a community and tribe. Last night, I was given an opportunity to dive head first into the unknown, called forward into liberation and witnessed by powerful queens to intentionally move past my edges. Calling forward all that I AM. I felt for the first time that I actually belonged. My heart literally cracked open in a way I’ve never felt as reflections of truth and love were showering me...

Raquel Barrantes

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