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This Micro Dojo is your invitation to engage with LIFE as your own personal transformational arena. Take a quantum leap beyond your leading edge into the YOU who is FREE!

    You have a gift that is meant
    to be shared in a big way.

    You’re on the precipice of the life you’ve always wanted. And you’re closer than you think. One thing I know is that just one act of absolute devotion – one act of absolute ALL in commitment to your own soul, can shift it all. If there is something blocking you and keeping you stuck playing small, that first courageous act of devotion is all it takes to begin a momentum that can change the trajectory of your life – and it can be as simple as reaching out.

    Whether it’s a major life transition, heartbreak, or the aching desire to express the fullness of your truth that is inviting you into your growth edge, I’m here to relentlessly walk with you all the way into your healing, freedom, and true soul-level liberation.

    If you are ready to free yourself, expand beyond your edges, and embody
    the absolute highest expression of your spirit, it’s time to reach out.

    Hi, I’m Zahara

    I am a Liberation Artist and transformational facilitator who serves as a catalyst for women and men to expand beyond their fear-based edges and embody the most LIBERATED and AUTHENTIC expression of their higher self-consciousness.

    It is my mission to serve as a catalyst for soul-level liberation. I do that by creating safe, raw, wild ceremonial spaces for healing and expansion to happen. Imagine a timeline where what was once holding you back becomes the very key to your freedom.

    My method is deep, intuitive, and dynamic. I will hold you to your highest with a unique combination of ferocity and absolute compassion.

    What My Clients
    Have to Say

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    “If there’s anyone in this life that has called me forth to step into my higher self, it’s Zahara. I am so grateful for that because who I am as a woman today was not her yesterday. If there’s one thing that I can say about Zahara is that the earth medicine that she holds is so f*ckin strong and I feel her strength.”

    -Raquel Barrantes

    “I have not done much work with mentors, teachers, or orgrop experiences. I had walked myself through a lot of fires and when Zahara jumped out at me through the ether, there was a soul recognition that I needed to be in her sphere.”

    -Naia Kete

    “It’s the most held and supported I have ever felt in my life. She transforms into another entity, another being beyond the dear friend that I know and love… Suddenly there was this entity that’s holding me and allowing me to ascend.”

    -Desi Valentine

    “You have such devotion to the medicine, such trust to the medicine, so much trust in yourself and your body’s wisdom. Leadership is not in the following. Leadership is reminding everyone that they are a leader and you do that in such a beautiful way.”

    -Monica Adams

    “The energy is so penetrating, so big. I can trust you [Zahara]. I can lean into you and I know everytime that you say something to me, every single word that you speak is true. And I appreciate that so deeply.”

    -Adeena Hammer

    “Your capacity to love and hold space and be patient and wait for as long as it takes is just so profound for me to witness and for me to feel. And I’ve know since that phone call that you will be one of the most influential, impactful teachers of my lifetime.”

    -April Dominguez

    “She is such a clear channel when she comes in this space and it’s so mind-blowing. There’s a lot of healers around and there’s a lot of people in this work but you just blow it out of the park. And it’s amazing!”

    -Dorian Drislane

    “I am different, my life is different. And I know that I always had in me but f*ck, you [Zahara] are a catalyst.”

    -Erica Dean

    “The tools you’ve taught me I will never forget. They are in my bones, they are in my blood… in the very soul of who I am. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in our friendship letting you know how incredible you are and what you’ve done for me.”

    -Desi Valentine

    “The way that you hold all of us and the way that you hold yourself. You just give us permission to feel.”

    -Naia Kete

    “I’m a lot and you [Zahara} engulfed me and allowed me to grow within your container. And you’re literally changing my entire life and letting me know, showing me that all that I’ve desired is possible.”

    -Desi Valentine

    “My session with Zahara was absolutely spot on. Her brilliant grasp of evolutionary astrology, and charismatic communication style transmuted my pains into opportunities kindly presented by the cosmic positioning of my birth. I left feeling liberated, self-assured, and centered. It’s catalyzing to discover your karmic path.”

    -Alicia Panetta
    Co-Founder of Blue Velvet Studios and Moon Bath Collective

    “My reading with Zahara was revelatory in the purest sense of the word. Her understanding of the karmic elements lying beneath the astrological aspects of the chart led me to a greater depth of understanding around my soul’s purpose and the road ahead. She’s smart, insightful, sensitive, knows her stuff, and truly cares about helping you move forward!”

    -Michael Kass
    Owner of Story Impact Group

    “Every time I work with Zahara, I walk away with my mind completely blown. She delivers precise information in a way that is empowering, inspiring and makes you feel completely seen and understood. I have worked with many highly-respected astrologers and I can honestly say that no one can hold a candle to Zahara’s tremendous light and wellspring of talent. ”

    -Molly Joseph
    Inspirational Journalist and Human Potential Coach

    “My reading with Zahara was the most mind blowing, emotionally satisfying, heart opening, transformative astrological experience I’ve ever had! She is a divine channel and I am so grateful to see her giving her gift so powerfully.”

    -Rachel Pringle
    Integrative Wellness Coach

    “Zahara led me through an insightful and layered journey of extremely specific (and accurate) truths in my life. At the end, I felt reinvigorated and can honestly say I gained a deeper understanding of myself. Truly wild and powerful stuff.”

    -Hannah Diment
    Owner of

    “Zahara is a master of her work. The consultation with her was the most powerful and unique I have experienced. She provided relevant insights into my birth astrology that have given me more clarity and confidence in who I am and where I am going. I also gained a deeper understanding of the why behind the challenges I have faced, and those I could face, including how to overcome them with ease.”

    -Tyler Mongan
    Owner of

    “My experience with this session was transformational & awakening in so many ways. This reading is the key to unlocking & fully understanding your place in the Universe.”

    -Rachel Kadish
    Medical Intuitive & Health Coach

    “I was blown away by the accuracy of what she shared with me and how it helped me to be at peace with my path on such a deep level. She gave me insights and awareness that I am able to apply and implement in a practical way and her profound wisdom and compassion gave me a deep sense of relief and peace with how things are unfolding in my life.”

    -Lisa De Narvaez
    Owner of

    “This was the most profound and life-affirming session that I’ve had in my entire life. Zahara spoke to my soul’s inner calling and core vibration more accurately than anyone else. It was mind blowing!”

    -Kishan Shah
    Ayurvedic Doctor

    “The reading helped me to understand myself on such a deep level, and I’ve listened to my recording several times since to re-engage with the experience. Zahara did an amazing job using stories to help me connect with and better understand my chart. I felt like she was speaking directly to my soul.”

    -Maggie McCloud

    “I was absolutely stunned by the depth of perception that Zahara’s reading held for me. She was able to reveal and unlock old patterns I didn’t even know I had. I was touched, mystified, and deeply affected by our session.”

    -Johann Urb

    “I felt so much truth in what she shared. She uses great examples in the form of story, is incredibly articulate and speaks with so much love. I feel so much more clear about my Dharma after learning about my Karma, and this increased awareness has changed my life for the better.”

    -Shazieh Shah
    Spiritual Psychologist, M.A. USM

    “My reading with Z was a transformational experience. Her passion and Astrological mastery led me to personal breakthroughs and a greater understanding of self.”

    -Nick Kilgore

    “Zahara uses her natural abilities to connect and entertain to make the message of her readings exponentially more impactful. Her style is so powerful and loving that it feels like having your wisest best friend or Aunt guiding you to clarity on some of the most important aspects of your life.”

    -Cory Capistra
    Life and Empowerment Coach

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